Ontario Acupuncture Exam

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Obtain FULL ACCESS to all modules of the Online Course, including 500 slides and hours of instruction.


Instructed by Dr. Neemez Kassam, ND, author and lead instructor for Asian Medicine.


This strategic and organized overview should have you completely prepared to tackle the Ontario Boards Acupuncture Exam.


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A minimally competent entry-level naturopathic physician is expected to:
-Diagnose Zang-Fu syndromes by observation, interrogation, and palpation
-Treat patients by applying principles of acupuncture
-Ensure treatment effectiveness by using correct technique
-Ensure positive patient outcomes by applying safety principles



Obtain full access to the Ontario Boards Acupuncture Online Course.

Instructed by Dr. Neemez Kassam, ND, author of “Fundamentals of Clinical Acupuncture”.

Access all slides and hours of expert instruction for 6 months or until next exam sitting.

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